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Awarded by RBI for Innovation In Payments.

Tomorrow’s tech,
built today

Crafted for tomorrow, our fintech solutions seamlessly blend art with intelligence. Meticulously merging intuitive design with advanced capabilities, making innovation meet everyday utility.

Where innovation has a bank account

Spearheading next-gen financial services with fintech products delivering mobile-first banking experience. Blending relentless innovation with dollops of trust and a brushstroke of finesse.


Beyond protection, our security is a promise where financial safeguards meet unparalleled elegance. Weaving a tapestry of trust, ensuring every interaction is enveloped in resilience.

Designed for

Design isn't just visual—it's an experience. We craft journeys where elegance dances with intuition, ensuring every swipe, tap, and glance feels effortlessly fluid.

Spends with

Rewards aren't mere incentives—they're a curated journey of delight. With each interaction, earn more than just points; indulge in experiences that echo luxury.

Values And Missions

We don't just talk the talk; we transact it. Our core values are the bedrock of our mission. With a dash of wit, a sprinkle of seriousness, and a whole lot of dedication, we bring you:


Time is money, and we don't waste it either


We are not here to follow the trends, we set them


Fortifying your financial future

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At NeoFinity we’re spearheading a revolution in financial services by building fintech products that give mobile first product experience to the next generation of users.



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+91 90028 39002

Corporate Office - Neofinity HQ, Suncity Success Tower, Golf Course Extension Road, Sector - 65, 122102

Registered Address - Neofinity, 1094, Sector - 46, Gurugram - 122001

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